Sunday, 19 October 2014

Bernd Behr + Le Corbusier

Installation view, Bernd Behr, Amoy Gardens, 2003/07, 35mm slide projection with audio, 34 slides, dimensions variable. 

Amoy Gardens consists of a 35mm slide projection depicting 34 scenarios in and around the eponymous building in Hong Kong, a large-scale development including apartment blocks above a shopping mall. The complex became an epicentre of the region’s 2003 SARS crisis through a malfunction of its ventilation and plumbing systems, leading to a perpetual circulation of the virus throughout its interior. The timed, looped projection is accompanied by an audio recording of a young citizen of Hong Kong reading extracts from Exact Air, Le Corbusier’s treatise on hermetically sealed architecture (The Radiant City, 1933). Her struggle with and re-invention of the manifesto generates a new contingent space between crisis and proposal, event and narrative.

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