Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Graham Fagen + Mackintosh

Graham Fagen has been invited by The Glasgow School of Art Exhibitions Department to research Charles Rennie Mackintosh and to create a solo exhibition of new work to be featured as part of GENERATION.

This offers him the unique opportunity to examine the cultural forming aspects of Mackintosh and his peer group and to use his findings as a catalyst for the creation of a body of new artwork.
Looking at the common ground between his own practice and that of Charles Rennie Mackintosh Fagen will research the early, formative works, focusing on concepts of form and place. In particular he is interested in Mackintosh’s early plant drawings which were collated with the work of his peers to form a DIY publication called ‘The Magazine’. Works such as Tree of Influence or Cabbages in an Orchard, have text as part of the art work and together with the image, offer insight on the creative thought process, perception of place and meaning of form.
For this exhibition Fagen will present original works by Mackintosh and his peer group drawn from ‘The Magazine’, alongside the new pieces inspired by his own research.  A book work, influenced by the DIY concept of ‘The Magazine’, will also be produced.

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