Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Niklas Goldbach + MVRDV

Video, 10:00 min, DV PAL, Stereo, 2006

Video excerpt here

With: Niklas Goldbach, Viktor Neumann
Camera, Editing, Postproduction: Niklas Goldbach
Assistance: Viktor Neumann
Foley Artist: Martin Langenbach
Sound Design by Christian Obermaier
Sound Mix by Poleposition D.C.

The second in a series of videos about utopia in urban culture, GAN EDEN was filmed in 2005 in the pavilion of the Netherlands, built by MVRDV for the World EXPO 2000 in Hanover, Germany.
Meant as both a critique of consumer society and as an example of environmentally-sustainable architecture, the Dutch entry for the World’s Fair was an exploration of the idea of limited space, engaged with the question of whether increasing population density can co-exist with an increase in the quality of life, and what role nature will play in that dynamic. Abandoned at the end of the World EXPO, the pavilion has already fallen into disrepair.
The video shows two men engaged in an ambiguous movement, both walking and cruising, through the space of this contemporary ruin.
The Biblical word gan (as in GAN EDEN) means walled garden.

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