Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Angela Ferreira + Oud / Siza

Two Houses 2001

In Rotterdam, the influence of architecture in the work of Angela Ferreira is focused on a special building project from the 1920s: the Kiefhoek by J.J.P. Oud. The way in which the renovation of this public housing project has altered its meaning and function inspired Ferreira to design an architectural sculpture. She drew a parallel with a 1970s housing project in Bouça, Portugal, which was designed by Alvaro Siza. Although the housing in Bouça is still in use - in Rotterdam the Kiefhoek has, in the meantime, become a museum the residents, influenced by the architectural tourism, have sold features such as window frames as museum objects.
In Squatters, Ferreira juxtaposes the two projects in a scale model that visitors may only enter in their socks. A functional structure has thus been transformed into an aesthetic object that must be regarded from afar and can no longer be used.

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