Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Wael Shawky 'Al-Aqsa Park'

“Al-Aqsa Park” is an animated film installation where the Dome of the Rock, the symbolic referring to the al-Aqsa complex in Jerusalem, is displayed as a fairground carousel. Although the work brings an additional reflection on the intersection of the discourses of political systems and religiosity, a theme salient to Shawky’s rich career, the al-Aqsa Park installation is essentially centered on the idea of controlled entertainment that the experience of riding a carousel, as well as its spectacle, delivers. The carousel, conventionally the center-piece of a fair, circling at a speed to generate weightlessness and ‘freedom’, is actually a machine maneuvered by an operator, according to a tightly controlled schedule. (Source: Meeting Point 5)

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