Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Heidrun Holzfeind + Schindler

configurations (headstand / tree pose / L shaped handstand / hero pose / plow pose / bow pose / cobra pose / squat / handstand)
series of 9 C-prints, 20x30 cm, 2014 

In "configurations", a series of self-portraits in yoga poses, Holzfeind inscribes her body into the interior architecture of the Mackey Apartments in Los Angeles. Built in 1939 by Rudolph Schindler for Pearl Mackey as rental units, they now house the artist residents of the MAK-Schindler residency program by the MAK Center Los Angeles.
In homage to artist Valie Export's series "Körperkonfigurationen" (Body Configurations), Holzfeind uses the body as a kind of measuring device to consider the relationship between the user and architectural space. A humorous response to the pressure to be productive during an artist residency in a modernist apartment which is also regularly shown to architectural tourists; the apartment becomes the studio, the daily routine is extended into a meditation on the Californian body culture and Schindler's spacial concepts.

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